What Is Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising lets you reach a very specific audience by integrating subtle ads into the user's news feed. If you're not familiar with Facebook, the news feed is the "home page" where a user views all the latest updates from friends, celebrities they follow and other popular stories.

Ads fit into the news feed seamlessly: They appear just as another post or story, with the only difference being the small grey text that reads "Suggested Post" and "Sponsored" next to your ad. You can also have your ads show up in the right-hand sidebar:

Facebook Advertising

There's 10 different ways you can advertise your business on Facebook:

  • Boost your posts – Increase the exposure of one of your Facebook posts.
  • Promote your Page – Promote your business page with the goal of getting more "likes."
  • Send people to your website – Promote an external link, such as your business website.
  • Increase conversions on your website – Same as the above strategy, except you can track how many people actually make a purchase as a result of your ad.
  • Get installs of your app – Send people to the store where they can download your app.
  • Increase engagement in your app – For people who have already installed your app, this strategy involves mobile ads that will get them to use the app more frequently.
  • Reach people near your business – Use geolocation to target people near your business.
  • Raise attendance at your event – Similar to boosting a post, increase the exposure of a Facebook event.
  • Get people to claim your offer – Promote timely discounts and other deals for people to claim in your store.
  • Get video views – Similar to boosting a post, increase the exposure of a video.

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