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Conversion tracking involves placing a cookie on a user's computer when he/she clicks on an ad. Then, if the user clicks on your ad and reaches one of your conversion pages, the user's browser sends the cookie to a Google server, and a small conversion tracking image is displayed on your site. When such a match is made, Google records a successful conversion for you. This information is presented within the Campaign Summary section of the "Campaign Management" tab in your AdWords account.

Definition Of Terms

Numbers of conversions

A conversion is counted when an ad click leads directly to a user taking an action on your site. Multiple conversions from a single ad click are counted only as one conversion.

Average value

The total value of all conversions divided by the total number of conversions.

Code snippet

A small piece of HTML and JavaScript code that is inserted into the conversion completion page of your website (the Thank you for your purchase/sign-up/visit page).


When a user completes a desired action on your site, such as a purchase or request for information. A conversion is the desired end result from a user visiting your site.

Conversion page

The page on your site that is displayed to confirm the completion of a desired action -- this is generally the Thank you for your purchase/sign-up/visit page.

Conversion rate

The number of conversions divided by the number of eligible ad clicks. Conversions are only counted on Google and some of our ad network sites. The conversion rate is adjusted to reflect only the ad clicks on which we can track conversions.

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Conversion Tracking

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