Railway Advertising

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to reach out to lakhs of consumers is through Railway advertising. Also known as Train Station advertising or rail advertising, it is a perfect way to attract the attention of commuters who travel by trains daily all across Mumbai City. And who can serve you better than us when it comes to Railway advertising, as we are the leaders in Railway Advertising!

The tangible benefits of railway advertising:

  • Focused exposure at a single point
  • Excellent visibility
  • Wider reach ability to a large spectrum of audience
  • Long and wide distance coverage

Why should you choose Railway Advertising?

  • Highly visible these attractive displays at railway stations throughout the length and breadth of Mumbai city across the Central, Western and Harbour rail lines are designed brilliantly to grab the attention of lakhs of travelers. Regular commuters just cannot avoid seeing these advertisings displayed at strategic locations at the railway or train stations.
  • Our advertising campaigns specialize in attracting consumers on the move, especially the otherwise hard-to-reach commuters like executives, businessmen, women, affluent residents and members of targeted communities besides people belonging to all strata and classes.
  • Our campaigns provide a highly personalized local touch, connecting successfully with local audiences while publicizing hundreds of regional, national and international brands.
  • Our Advertising partners with its customers to create designs that will stand out from those of their competitors, but at the same time will effectively interact to their target audience.
  • We offer a wide variety of campaigns suiting your needs and to serve your purpose well. Campaigns, including rail advertisings, can be as limited as a single poster or banner on one target train station to multiple train stations and multiple placements per station.

Railway Platform Board Advertising Service:

  • Offers face-to-face impact in trains, on platforms, in waiting areas, and high-traffic corridors
  • Reaches a captive, upscale suburban commuter in addition to lunch-time patrons, shoppers and business professionals
  • Provides impressions in upscale areas often unsearched by traditional out-of-home displays.
  • Delivers messages in an uncluttered, visually stimulating environment

Station Boards for Advertising & Branding:

  • Positioned at vantage points at many stations, they look graceful and visual
  • Installed in uncluttered ambience unlike the highway hoardings
  • Trains passing through each stations ensuring extensive exposure to all these boards
  • Compared to highway hoardings and other media highly economical
  • Unparalleled periodical maintenance ensures perfect wellbeing of the boards.

TV Commercials on Railway Station for Advertising & Branding:

  • LED TV sets installed at ideal distance ensuring full coverage of the entire vantage area of the Railway station,
  • A pioneering project with live streaming facilities to enhance client satisfaction,/
  • Advertisements will be broadcasted mixed with hit movie songs and scrolling news to keep the audience attached to it
  • Non-stop working from 8am to 8pm on 365 days in a year
  • Additional Audio support with external speakers offering most pleasurable hearing experience to the audience
  • We dare to live stream this broadcasting on our website so that our clients could SEE & BELIEVE that their ads are broadcasted as expected by viewing it on their own screen

Railway Board Media Advertising & Branding

Through this advertisement method we are efficient in creating demand for the products or brands being advertised. This service can be availed by all kinds of commercial entities and corporate firms. It comes in different sizes (in feet) such as 08' x 03' / 10' x 04'. To set the product in the mind of target audience board media is supposed to be displayed at least for 3 months (i.e. Minimum 90 days).

Railway Window Top Advertising

Railway window top advertising services offered by us are very reasonable. Well-trained and skilled personnel are there to handle the Railway window top advertising services. In this advertising, advertisements are showed on the top of window through strip advertisement. With this media your product can be displayed either on one single side or on both sides as well as. For Railway Window Top Advertising services our company ensures high quality in the materials used by us.

Railway Panel Board Advertising

In order to provide its services of Railway Panel Board Advertising the Company uses highly effective methods. As Railway Panel Board Advertising increases the visibility of the product in front of buyers, so the services provided by us help increase the demand and sale of products. The prices at which we provide the services are the best in the market. The Railway Panel Board for advertising comes in 06 (w) x 02 (h), 09 cars 36 Panels & 12 cars 48 Panels size and can be displayed on both sides of trains. We make it possible in providing on one single train ads on 36 panels i.e. on one single side 18 panels each. This media creates a strong visibility for the product daily, as the maximum number of crowd see this display daily.

Railway Station Hoarding Advertising

We provide highly successful Railway Hoarding Advertising services. Our Railway Hoarding Advertising prices are the best in the market. For Railway Hoarding Advertising services we use the best quality materials and the best designing methods. In railway & city areas Railway Hoarding Advertising proves highly effectual. Railway Hoarding Advertising comes in various sizes like 16' x 8' / 16' x 10' / 20' x 10' / 30' x 20' / 40' x 20' etc. To have better impact of advertising on the audience the advertisement has to be kept for minimum 30 days' period.

Railway Station - Small Glow Sign Advertising

To give a bright impact at night we provide a glowing display. The equipment used for Railway Small Glow Sign Advertising includes tube lights, fitted inside the box and behind the display. The display material due to which the lights get transferred from the back end of the material for Railway Small Glow Sign Advertising is backlit material. The product or the image gets displayed with a glowing effect on switching the lights on. For displays of name boards over shops and on electrical polls of some cities Railway Small Glow Sign Advertising is used. For hanging purposes on Railway Platforms and on Foot Over bridges also Railway Small Glow Sign Advertising is offered. Railway Small Glow Sign Advertising comes in different sizes (in feet), such as 3' x 2' / 2' x 1.5' / 2' x 2'. Approximately in 90 days the maximum benefit of display can be seen.

Cost for police booth outdoor advertising starts with – Railway Station - Big Glow Sign Advertising

In varied colours and designs the Railway Big Glow Sign Advertising made by us are available. For this service we have employed highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our price is the best in the market. Because of efficiency and technologically good, Railway Big Glow Sign Advertising is visible in Booking Office Area, Railway Premises, on end of Platforms, Railway Bridges etc. The sizes in which Railway Big Glow Sign Advertising is displayed are 15' x 2' / 10' x 3' / 25' x 3' / 50' x 3' etc. To get a better result display your product must be displayed on this media for minimum 12 months.

Railway Station Kiosk Advertising

When it comes to providing consistent solution of Railway Kiosk Advertising we have been a name to think with. To promote your business and get maximum visibility at Railway station our Railway Kiosk Advertising is a very effective solution. At the considered places of the Railways we hang the Kiosks.

Advertising and promotions on Railway station

Railway stations are the place where the advertisers can reach a mass audience Through our station and roadside advertising portfolio and also via ticket barriers promote your brand, products and services. With either national or more targeted campaigns in an array of locations, sizes and formats advertisers can communicate effectively to a diverse audience.

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