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Pamphlet is a piece of small paper that discusses issues related to a particular subject with ample examples and illustrations. Though it is small, yet it can play a vital role in the marketing campaign of a business organization.

A pamphlet may comprise of a single page or more than one page depending upon the requirements of clients. If a pamphlet has multiple pages, its pages are usually stapled together for giving it a shape of a small book.

A pamphlet is a small book consisting of a few sheets of printed paper - usually one or more pages that are stitched together with an unbound paper cover - which informs of a subject of current interest.

Pamphlets are small in size, not bigger than a LTR page in most cases. Their aim is to achieve mass distribution. This term is usually interchangeable with "Flyer" or "Leaflet".

Their meaning is also associated with political propaganda, or big announcements.

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Some of the Advantages of Pamphlet Designing:-

  • The first and foremost advantage of Pamphlet is that it is cost effective.
  • It is one of the most popular forms of brochure design.
  • It can seize the attention of the viewers efficaciously.
  • It has an aesthetic appeal.

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