What is WhatsApp Marketing

What is WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app with the 2 billion plus users worldwide. WhatsApp available for the different mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, KaiOS and Mac or Windows PC for web app. For sending the messages through WhatsApp required the Internet plan which is used by you for Emails & Browsing Internet, this makes this application the cheapest way of sending the messages worldwide.

WhatsApp is a free mobile application that uses your smart phone's internet connection to let you chat with other WhatsApp users, without text message charges. The app also lets you share live location, contacts, document and images, videos and also make payment with free voice & video calls.

WhatsApp also attracting the marketeers as they can not only send the text but also the image, Video, Audio, Vcards even one can send his/her location which makes the WhatsApp Messenger different from the traditional SMS.

WhatsApp Supports Multiple Formats !

It not only supports the text but also various media files so makes the marketing campaign through WhatsApp more clear for every marketers. WhatsApp Marketing through Text, images, videos on mobile is very important for every sector now a days. Formats which are supported by WhatsApp are:

  • Image
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Vcards
  • Location

WhatsApp, Your Next Best Business Tool for Marketing !
Now a days WhatsApp is also used as WhatsApp SMS Marketing in INDIA for Promotion of Real Estate, Insurance, Institute, Loans,Education etc. This is the latest trend for Marketing in the world for direct marketing or interactive with friends and family, Now in a day many business man deals on WhatsApp to view/Share Picture. This is the best option for those businessman who using Bulk SMS Services or voice sms.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing.

  • You can easily send free Text / Voice / Video messages to any part of the world without any Additional charges.
  • All tools are very easy to use.
  • You can use your Excel / CSV file formate to send WhatsApp message.
  • You can target your Premium clients.

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