What Is On-Page Search Engine Optimization

What is On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your content for search engines. Optimizing your content for search includes tasks like keyword usage, keyword placement, readability, image usage, URL optimization and more.


  • ♦ Maintain fresh content in webpages by providing useful information to customers.
  • ♦ Use perfect keyword density (3-5%) in the webpage.
  • ♦ Optimize the content by providing inner links and outer links.
  • ♦ Use Heading tags h1, h2, etc…in the webpages.
  • ♦ Provide Alt tag to images and give proper name to images with targeted keyword.

  • ♦ Duplicate content in your web pages.
  • ♦ Keyword stuffing
  • ♦ Black-hat techniques

The Real Truth of On page optimization

A good position with search engine means lots of visitors on your website and that helps you grow your business, this can be achieved with the help of SEO. There are two major ways of doing SEO one is on page and the other one is off page optimization. This analyzes the complete webpage details; you find the information about the tags, content, keyword density and much more. This is completely related to the page and how you can optimize the same. We provide complete on-page optimization for your website.

You check about the different SEO techniques like good content, good title which is to be wrapped with H1 style heading and much more. We look out for the webpage details as explained and try to optimize the same. Search Engine Optimization is completely necessary and most clients require the on-page optimization from us. Seo is a process, which will improve traffic on your website. Once you start getting better traffic you will start getting more profit, which is a need of every website and webmaster. Always look for best seo companies to get the job done.

Let us look at some very important parts of on page optimization File name is very important and should normally have the keyword as the file name; Also keep in mind the text should contain the keywords as search engine will not be able to read images.

If you want to get traffic from Google images, then you can take help of ALT tags in images and that can result in your website images getting better ranks on search engines.

File Size:
The size of the file is very important and it helps your website to get better ranks, if your webpage's are loading too slowly then there are chances that your page can lose rank. Google panda update considers the page load time as a very6 major criteria in ranking the WebPages.

Image Linking:
If you want link images to your websites, hyperlink them with anchor text, this will improve back links.

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