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How Portal Website Works

A web portal is a customized website that immerses information from a wide array of sources in a consistent and uniformed manner.

For example, web portals are served in the form of dashboards for company executives and managers. How the content on a portal should be organized and presented depends largely on the requirements of the end users?

A web portal may be customized based on the restrictions of domain searches. An enterprise portal usually has a consistent design and has the capability to interact with applications and databases.

There are various types of web portals depending on the usage and content restrictions. Some of them are:

  • Government and federal portals
  • Corporate and enterprise portals
  • Cultural and trade portals
  • Stock and financial portals
  • Search portals
  • Tender and bidding portals
  • Domain specific portals

A programmer embarking on web portal development has to consider many factors before a portal can be made available for consumption, either internally or externally. From a developer’s perspective, there are many things to balance, such as, design vs platform, stability vs early build, and standards vs business goals, to name a few.

User Experience and Interface:

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Device compatibility, for examples, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Seamless updates and patches
  • Friendly error messages and proper exception handling
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Security

Prevention of SQL injections and intrusions:

  • Fail-safe password encryption
  • Two factor authentication
  • SSL/HTTPS for secure login
  • Avoiding cross site scripting
  • Keeping your system protected with the latest virus definitions and software patches


  • Proper usage of caching
  • Image and media content optimization
  • Cookie management
  • Minimizing the amount of HTTP requests
  • SEO

Usage of search engine friendly URLs:

  • Proper sitemap of the portal
  • Proper link nomenclature
  • Know how search engine spiders work

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