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How E-Commerce Website Work

Online business works pretty much on the same principles as an offline/retail store does. On a broader scale, the whole eCommerce process can be broken down into three main components or work processes:

Receiving orders:
This is the first step where customers place the order through the eCommerce platform (website or an online portal), and the seller makes a note of it.

Processing order information:
The second step where all the details of the order are processed and completed. It is now ready for delivery.

The last step wherein the delivery process is carried out. All the logistics components play a significant role in this step to ensure timely delivery to the customer.

How e-commerce system works:

  • Sitting at her computer, a client tries to order a book online. Her browser communicates back-and-forth over the web with an internet server that manages the store's web site.
  • The Web server then sends that order to the order manager. This is often a central PC that sees orders through each stage of the process from submission to dispatch.
  • The order manager queries a database to seek out whether or not what the client wants are available
  • If the item isn’t available, the stock database system will order new provides from the wholesalers or manufacturers. This would possibly involve communication with order systems at the manufacturer's headquarters to seek out estimated supply times, whereas the client continues to be sitting at her PC (in alternative words, in "real-time").
  • The stock database confirms whether or not the item is available or suggests an estimated delivery date once provides are going to be received from the manufacturer.
  • Assuming the item is available, the order manager continues to process it. Next, it communicates with a merchant system (run by a credit-card processing firm or linked to a bank) to require payment using the customer’s credit or identification number.
  • The Merchandiser system would possibly make further checks with the customer's bank PC.
  • The bank computer confirms whether or not the client has enough funds.
  • The Merchandiser system authorizes the group action to go ahead, though funds won’t be completely transferred till many days later.
  • The order manager confirms that the transaction action has been successfully processed and notifies the online server.
  • The web server shows the client a web page confirming that her order has been processed and also the transaction action is complete.
  • The order manager sends a request to the warehouse to dispatch the products to the client.
  • A truck from a dispatch firm collects the products from the warehouse and delivers them.
  • Once the products are sent, the warehouse computer e-mails the client to confirm that her product is on their way.
  • The products are delivered to the client

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