Top 7 Benefits of Static Website

Benefits of Static Website

7 Benefits of Static Website

Time saving:
The major advantage of a static website is that is very quick to develop. A professional web developer can develop a static website much faster than a dynamic website. For a startup business static website can save more time in developing and your business can be visible online.

The development cost of a static website is comparatively lower than dynamic website. There is no need of external database handling system like WordPress or Joomla in static website development. The pages consist of physical files and they are served directly from the server. If you are running a small business, then static website may be a perfect choice for getting yourself an online presence with a limited budget for marketing.

Easy maintenance:
There is no need for any maintenance service for static websites. A person can manage easily. These websites can be loaded quickly because they are simple in design without too many interactive elements and with a very few pieces of markup content. Static websites have a few number of WebPages and a fixed format for each the page, they are more ideal for startups and small business that require fewer WebPages. Static website will be a maintenance free website for business.

Ease of functionality control:
You can have your own code created to create the exact functionality that you require. You don’t want to work with the confines of a pre-programmed plug in. Images can be modified to any size or shape that depends in the look you are looking for. If you prefer to add any type of font to your website, you can do that easily.

Browser compatibility and easy navigation:
Static websites are more user-friendly and very easy to navigate. As the website consists of few pages and it takes less time for loading. Also it is possible to shift to a new platform without doing any changes in the database. Static website designing including small websites as well as huge websites requires simple designs without using any complex programming.

Static sites are secure:
SQL injection and cross site-scripting attack are the most common website security threats. But, with static website, there is no database to hack and there is no server-side platform or CMS with unpatched database.

7 Advantages of Static Website

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