advantages of outdoor advertising

Benefits of Outdoor Advertisement

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest advertising mediums still in existence. Billboards have been around since as early as the late 1800s and there is a reason why they are still around. This is because outdoor advertising still works today, and here are the top five reasons why.

5 Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

It's Cost Effective:
The number one reason that outdoor advertising is still utilized is due to the fact that it is so cost-effective. In regards to CPM (Cost Per Thousand) outdoor advertising offers one of the most efficient mediums for advertising available. This is because outdoor advertising, and billboard advertising specifically, typically produce many more impressions per ad placement. This allows marketers to stretch their ad dollars farther, which only increases the value of outdoor advertising as ad budgets seem to be continuously shrinking.

Constant Unavoidable Exposure:
Another reason why outdoor advertising remains an effective choice for marketers is that it provides constant and unavoidable exposure. Outdoor advertising has the ability to create impressions 24 hours a day and seven days week. This is an advantage that can rarely be matched by other means of advertising and one that adds to outdoor advertising’s cost-effectiveness. Another attribute of outdoor advertising that contributes to its efficiency is the fact that it is unavoidable. Outdoor advertising cannot be turned off or thrown away which drastically increases the chances that an impression will be made. To go along with this, those that travel the same route daily will have increased frequency and exposure to the ad.

Powerful Messaging:
Outdoor advertising can provide some of the most powerful messaging that can be achieved through any medium. One of the main contributors to this is the sheer size of outdoor advertising. The majority of outdoor advertising is quite large able to dominate the visual spaces they occupy. Outdoor advertising allows for bold and simple messaging that is ideal for campaigns aimed towards brand reinforcement or getting a company’s name out there.

Proximity to Buying Decision:
The ability of outdoor advertising to exist in close proximity to the buying decision is another reason that it continues to be effective. This idea of the buying decision is when the consumer goes from being a potential customer to an actual customer. By being in close proximity to the location where this happens, it allows the message of the marketer’s ad to be fresh in the consumers mind. For example, if a potential customer is driving to the store to get groceries and sees a billboard for Brand X tomatoes near the store, they are more likely to purchase Brand X when they select their tomatoes.

Variety of Options and Flexibility:
Outdoor advertising offers marketers a wide variety of options along with flexibility in how they deliver their message. The list of outdoor advertising options can range anywhere from traditional tools like billboards, to more unconventional avenues such as foam-like floating logos or "flogos". The flexibility that advertisers have in delivering their message is also an asset of outdoor advertising. Some may think that a billboard may not offer a lot of flexibility, but in actuality some of the most creative advertising is done through billboards as the opportunities are only constrained to the creativity of the work being produced. Here are some examples of how versatile billboard ads can be.

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