advantages of linkedin advertising

Benefits of Linkedin Advertising

Top 5 Benefits of Linkedin Advertising

Connecting with influencers:
LinkedIn can be used to build an excellent network of influencers who you can then use to help spread the word about your brand and products. Once you've set up your Company Page, reach out to the influential people within your current community, be it partners, clients or loyal customers. And then connect to other experts in your industry or product area. Build valuable relationships with them by exchanging information over LinkedIn, and there’s every chance they will share your content and posts with their networks, particularly if your content is informative and engaging.

Sharing and seeding content:
LinkedIn is a network built for content. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, it is perfectly suited to sharing detailed articles, infographics, presentations and business-orientated video content. The new Content Marketing Score shows just how seriously LinkedIn takes content and how successful businesses are using it as a publishing platform. Innovations such as LinkedIn Pulse can help deliver your content to users who are interested in it through personalised news feeds and alerts, and LinkedIn also provide excellent insights into who's consuming your content and trending topics, helping you plan your content strategy effectively.

The SEO benefit:
It makes sense that a network driven by content and links will help your SEO, but there is also clear evidence that this is the case. In a Hubspot study into link sharing via social networks and SERP (search engine results page) placements, LinkedIn came out top in terms of the network that delivered the best improvement in search rankings against activity. Again, this is not that surprising, as each time your content is seen and shared on LinkedIn, you receive an inbound link, which in turn, creates a snowball effect of links to your site.

LinkedIn Groups:
LinkedIn Groups are a great way of expanding your business' reach and network, whilst creating your own community. Start your own LinkedIn Groups in your field of expertise and invite your existing network to join them. Make sure you also join and participate in relevant Groups that already exist. Through discussions and posts, you can communicate directly with people in your Groups, helping spread the word about your brand and your benefits to them, and seeding your content.

Highly targeted advertising:
LinkedIn has a whole lot of data about its users, from their job and place of employment to who they're connected to and how. This makes it a hugely powerful advertising platform and not just for B2B businesses. Consumer brands are getting in on the act to and delivering excellent results.

benefits Of linkedin advertisement

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