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Top 10 benefits of email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a kind of strategic and cost-effective approach that helps in the effective branding of products and services of the organization. Today email marketing is used by number of companies for customer loyalty building, company advertisements, and communicating promotional offers and discounts.

It is a form of direct marketing that enables you to reach highly targeted audience who want to use your services and products. This approach assists in bringing high response rate and also helps in building your brand prominence which in turn enhances your company’s reputation. There are many Email marketing service providers that can offer you strategies and techniques to improve your brand eminence. So let's a take at some ways by which your business can be benefited by email marketing.

10 Benefits of Email Marketing

One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. There are no print or postage costs and no fees paid in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel. Email marketers might consider investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. Granted, there may be a small overhead for sending thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels.

Target fans of your brand:
Email marketing is one of the only channels that consumers ask to receive. The majority of businesses utilising the platform only send messages to those who have signed up to receive them. This can allow for much higher conversion rates as a business is only targeting those who already have an interest in their brand. It is, of course, possible to send unsolicited email marketing messages, but this is only likely to annoy consumers and result in a damaged brand image.

Most marketing professionals would happily pay to ensure they were only spending money targeting those who were interested in their brand. Email marketers can go one step further though, by only sending emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria.

If a franchise only has an offer on in certain areas of the country, it can easily arranged for emails to be sent only to those living in certain areas. If there is a sale on sports goods, it can be arranged for only those who have shown an interest in sports to receive an email.

Email list segmentation works fantastically for brands who gain information about their subscribers. Studies have shown that marketers who use this tactic often boast improved engagement rates as a result.

Calls to action:
Email marketing is great for taking advantage of impulse buying. There aren't many other marketing platforms which allow customers to go from witnessing an offer to purchasing an item within two clicks of a button. With a tempting call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email newsletters can drive sales like no other channel.

Easy to create:
Email marketing doesn't necessarily require a huge team or reams of technical nous in order to be successful. It's certainly possible to jazz up an email campaign with fancy templates, videos, images and logos. Yet, some of the most successful campaigns utilize simple plain text emails, suggesting that it's the content of an email that is the most important thing.

Easy to track:
Another key benefit of email marketing is that it's easy to see where you're going wrong. Most email marketing software will allow you to track open, click-through and conversion rates, making it simple to spot how a campaign can be improved. These changes can be made almost immediately too, whereas print or broadcast advertising requires quite a bit of effort to alter.

Easy to share:
Subscribers can forward brilliant deals and offers to their friends at the click of a button. There aren’t many other types of marketing that can be shared as easily as this. Before you know it, subscribers could become brand evangelists; focused on introducing your business to a new market.

What other marketing platform lets you instantly send a message to thousands of people across the world? Sure, social media can help you spread the word amongst a global audience – but there’s no telling who’s actually reading your content.

Due to the immediacy of email, a business can start seeing results within minutes of its emails being sent. A 24-hour sale is a brilliant marketing ploy that can be utilized by email, as it creates a sense of urgency and convinces subscribers to take immediate action. Businesses typically have to wait weeks until they see sales come in as a result of print or broadcast campaigns and, even then, how can they be sure what was responsible for the purchase?

Return on investment
In the business world, results are arguably all that matters. With this in mind, the main reason that most businesses invest in email marketing is the fantastic return on investment. In 2011, the Direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested. A number of sources have suggested that this is better than any other platform.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business?

Easily Shareable:
Email marketing is a kind of marketing that can be easily shared. Companies can easily share their deals, offers, discounts and news about their products and services with their potential clients with just simple click. With email marketing, customers who have subscribed themselves for particular services can easily get all the information about the products and services. Your products can get great popularity and brand exposure with the help of this amazing marketing technique

Targeted Approach:
Email marketing is a kind of targeted approach that resolves all the intrinsic issues of non-targeted marketing. Companies can easily know the number of people who have checked their email by partitioning the email on the basis of location, lead status and other data. With targeted email, customers only get the relevant information that specifically suits their needs. Companies can also customize their company’s message for every customer to promote high conversion rate.

Analytics plays a very crucial for measuring the success of any campaign. Email marketing give exact, valuable metrics that includes open rates delivery rates, subscriber retention rates and, click-to-deliver rates. These metrics help companies to comprehend the behaviors and interest of customers. Companies can use this effective marketing technique to identify which information your customers are most responsive to.

Improves Brand Cognizance:
Email marketing helps greatly in increasing brand awareness. When a company send the email regarding their company’s offers and deals to their potential customers then the clients get to know more about their business and brand. Customers get updated information about the various deals and discounts with email marketing which helps in turning the customer to loyal customers.

Email marketing is the most affordable type of marketing that helps in the effective branding of your products and services. This type of marketing does not involve any print costs, advertising rates and postage fees. Email marketing helps in boosting the sales of the company which in turn increases the return on investment.

Top 10 advantages of email marketing

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