What is Newspaper Ads

What is Newspaper Ads

Newspaper display advertising is a form of newspaper advertisement - where the advertisement appears alongside regular editorial content. Display ads are generally used by businesses and corporations towards promotion of their goods and services and are generally for larger budget clients.

Many people think the measly few coins (or dollars these days!) they shell out for a copy of a newspaper are what keep the publisher in business. Not! Subscriptions may help recoup the cost of printing and delivering the papers. But it's the newspaper advertising that makes it profitable.

This model worked very well for decades... until the Internet came along. Now paper newspapers are struggling, even going out of business. So papers are having to reinvent themselves and their advertising pricing models for the Internet.

Following is a review of the major categories of newspaper advertising. Though how it is sold and displayed may be changing dramatically, the categories have remained largely unchanged.

Newspaper Classified Advertising:

Newspaper Classified advertising is literally classified by subject. Most of these ads are used to make official announcements, buy and sell property or make connections. These are some of the most common classes:

  • Help Wanted
  • Real Estate Sales and Rentals
  • Cars and Other Vehicle Sales
  • Personal Property Sales (furniture, appliances, etc.)
  • Obituaries
  • Legal Notices (new businesses, foreclosures, etc.)
  • Personal Ads
It can be sold either by the word or by the line, although display advertising may also be offered. The text for the ad is usually set by the publisher, although these days it may also be entered by the advertiser online when the ad space is purchased (discussed further below). Ads are purchased to run for a specified period of time.

Ads are usually confined to specific pages and featured segments of the newspaper and usually do not appear in the editorial (or news) sections. Popular classified segments, which may be featured on specific days of the week (particularly weekends), include Auto, Real Estate and Jobs.

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