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Bus Advertising

In bus advertising, buses and their related infrastructure is a medium commonly used by advertisers to reach the public with their message. Usually, this takes the form of promoting commercial brands, but can also be used for public campaign messages.

Bus Advertising Benefits for Health Care

Are you looking for a targeted communication tool to better reach University of Southern California faculty, staff, students and visitors? Whether you need to promote an event, a program or service, advertising with MSSmedia is a great way to successfully spread your advertising message to the masses, with larger-than-life messages that people simply can't ignore. MSSmedia now provides brands and businesses alike with the opportunity to effectively communicate a message with our tailor made media packages.

High Visibility when people are out of their homes. This is a moving visual reaching the target market. When a patient who is new to the area and is out of their home, the transit ad can serve as a reminder that they are due for a dental exam and your dental office will be the one on to top of their mind.

Ability to build your brand with patients. Health Care decisions are very personal. Your target market wants to feel a connection with your brand and know that they are making the right decision when it comes to their Health Care. Transit Advertising allows you to make additional connections with your audience and share information to help them feel comfortable with their decision of selecting you.

A chance to give back to the community. Transit Advertising allows for the Health Care company to become more involved in the local community. A large portion of the advertising dollars goes back into the local transit system. Public Transportation and Health Care are pretty intertwined - routes pass right by and there are often public transportation stops and shelters outside of Health Care clinics. Additionally, public transportation may be the way that many patients get their appointments.

The main advantage of advertising on the bus is that it cannot be ignored. If an advertisement is playing on the radio, you can always switch the channel. If it's a television commercial, you can change the channel or switch off the TV. But there is nothing at all you can do about bus advertising. Whoever is waiting for the bus, passing through the streets where the said bus is at the moment or is sitting inside the bus, where the advertisements have been put up, has no other option but to look at the products / services advertised. This is very beneficial to the advertisers as it increases the visibility of the product / service, leading to increased sales.

Bus advertising is very beneficial to businesses as it reaches a vast and varied audience. Whether it is teens, families, professionals or tourists, whether it is people with low income or high income who are traveling in their own vehicles on the road, this outdoor advertising technique increases awareness about a product / service in people belonging to varied age groups and backgrounds. As buses travel to various places throughout the day, such as business areas of the city, suburbs, universities, shopping districts, etc. bus advertising has a very wide reach.

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