Advantages of Newspaper Ads

The manner in which consumers read a newspaper varies from print and online to tablets and smartphones. Take note of the compelling newspaper advertising benefits and statistics below and you'll see that newspapers, in any format, are an important vehicle to reach an audience that is highly desirable to advertisers.

The advantages of newspaper advertising are wide-ranging:

Classified advertising is literally classified by subject. Most of these ads are used to make official announcements, buy and sell property or make connections. These are some of the most common classes:

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    Nearly 7 out of 10 adults have read a newspaper in the past week - that's 518 million Indian!
    Readers are highly engaged with newspapers in print, online, smartphones and tablets because they value the news, advertising and local feature coverage. 79% of newspaper users took action on a newspaper ad in the past month 2!
    One of the strong benefits of newspaper advertising is that newspapers offer a variety of ways to target a particular audience. Whether it's zoning inserts by zip code or using a niche publication to target a certain ethnic group or behaviorally targeting a certain group on a newspaper website, newspaper products offer a wide range of products to target any audience an advertiser is looking to reach.
    Newspaper companies offer their readers a variety of platforms to choose from in how to receive their news and advertising content. Readers place a high value on the ability to consume newspapers in the format that is most convenient and useful depending on the time and place.

The main advantage of News­paper Advertising may be briefly summarized as follows:

  • As newspapers carry news, there is always a large demand and wide circulation.
  • Newspapers are read often and continuous publicity is possible. For example, by using daily papers, day-to-day publicity can be introduced.
  • By proper selection, appeal can be made to a selected class of readers.
  • Timely announcements can be made within a few hours of conceiving the idea.
  • The confidence of the readers in their newspapers is generally extended to the advertisements in such papers.
  • It is suitable for both direct and indirect selling and selling through the post is made possible.
  • It gives the opportunity for a lengthy appeal.
  • It serves as an introduction to follow-up system and forms a means of distributing application forms, coupons folders, etc.

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