Email Marketing
Email marketing is easily the most underrated and underutilized of the 7 PILLARS. The primary reasons are: a) spam makes us nervous about the rules; b) the lack of easy-to-use subscription management systems; c) poor tracking and customer behavior analysis tools; and d) lack of consistency and creativity in messaging.
Serives :
  • List Management
  • HTML Email Design
  • Secure Transmissions
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Affiliate Marketing
    The Outcomes of Email Marketing at Global Advertising Media are:
  • Choose from Over 60 Targeted Categories
  • We Send Your Exclusive Stand Alone Email Message
  • Targeted Options for Emailing by Category Interest
  • Safe, "No Spam" Email Marketing Service
  • Reach Millions of People Who Want to Learn About Your Website
  • We Send Through Our Servers
  • Uses All 100% Opt-In, Subscriber Email Lists
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